Tim Bartley earned his Associate degree in Mechanical Design from Moraine Park Technical College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering. He is a co-founder and Partner at Davinci. His specialties include directional leadership, strategic planning and execution, and proactive financial analysis. For hobbies, Tim enjoys hobby farming, deer and pheasant hunting, fishing, hiking and being outside with his three dogs, and playing pool, bags and horseshoes.

Tim’s specialties continued

  • Team development, training and culture definition through action, consistency, fairness and integrity
  • Planning, envisioning and conceptualizing the future. Ensuring the organization has a sound long-term strategic plan and compelling vision
  • Recording financial history and providing analysis, including proactive strategic analyis and financial planning as well as these influences on company’s strategic plan
  • Develop and administer financial systems and effective internal controls including budget setting and tracking, forecasting, expenditure approvals processes, record-keeping and reporting, and the preparation of accurate and timely monthly financial statements
  • Assure safeguarding of assets
  • Lead capital planning and budgetary activities