Inspired by an idea to deliver a portable and affordable personal watercraft to the masses, BomBoard set out to revolutionize the personal watercraft industry. Their goal was to create something small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, so it was practical for city dwellers and offer a price tag less than half of what traditional PWCs fetch.

BomBoard came to Davinci after they experienced some partnership issues in the development of their first prototype. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognized that they needed consulting services on the project more than anything.  While we provided guidance on engine development, styling, and conceptualization, their team would then go out and put those recommendations into action.  Davinci continued to provide BomBoard with consultation for subsequent components and features of their build as needed.  This relationship allowed them to maximize their limited time and resources as a startup. 

Our team provided services in styling, concepts, manufacturing materials and processes, engine selection, waterjet design, module assembly assistance, and industrial design. Ultimately, our consultation services coupled with BomBoard’s hands-on work resulted in a working prototype that was utilized to raise funding to propel their startup to the next level.   

Services Provided

  • Consultation
  • Engine selection
  • Module assembly assistance
  • New product design assistance
  • Waterjet design
  • Industrial design styling
  • Engine development
  • Brand development
  • Business plan development