Davinci Engineering and Consulting was established in 2011 by founders, Dave Gruenwald & Tim Bartley, based on the desire to build a different kind of creative firm with a distinct mission: provide turnkey product development solutions that make the companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs that partner with us product design heroes. Our name is inspired by one of history’s greatest inventors, Leonardo da Vinci. We strive to pioneer new technologies just as Leonardo da Vinci did many years ago. We have built Davinci Engineering and Consulting, LLC on a solid foundation of trust. When you partner with us you can be confident that we will deliver on our promises.

As a product design firm, we provide our customers with specialized, contract-based engineering services. Our team is capable of delivering complete projects, or we can supplement your internal team. When it’s your neck on the line, we take on your biggest challenges and then give you all of the credit.

Today, we have grown to 25+ employees and independent contractors that include experts in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial design. We have successfully executed more than 375 projects for over 55 different customers across the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, New Zealand and Australia.

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