We believe in being truthful and honest. We always act with integrity. We appreciate differing viewpoints. We believe in vigorous healthy debate. We are accountable to each other and to the customers who put their trust in us. We believe great things come from people who want to make a difference and feel like they are allowed to do so. We have lofty expectations for our company and for our people. We believe that we owe it to each other to put in a hard day’s work for a fair day’s pay. We believe that people who work here must be unusually creative and intelligent because what we do isn’t ordinary and cannot be done well by ordinary minds. We believe in the words of Charles Swindoll when he said,

“Attitude….is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think, say or do.”

To work here you must have a positive attitude. A bad attitude is as contagious as a good one. We believe that in order to succeed we must be able to communicate lucidly with each other and with our customers.

We believe that there is really only one way to prosper long term: whether through the products we make or the services we provide, we MUST delight those we serve. We also realize that delighted customers can only come from delighted employees, so we encourage all who work here to laugh a little, lighten up, have some fun…play! Life is too short to take everything seriously. Yes, business is a serious endeavor but in the scheme of things, life is so much more so enjoy your work here.

Davinci is just a humble beginning. It is a springboard to a bright new future. It has given us this incredible opportunity to leave our mark on the world. Let us not waste it. After we retire, we can all look back with pride on the customers we’ve served, the products we’ve invented and launched, the life-improving technologies and ideas we’ve created and the services we provided. We can feel gratified in knowing we did our best to leave a meaningful legacy behind us…

…that of a truly great business.