Lindgren-Pitman is the premier deep-sea fishing equipment manufacturer that sport and commercial fishermen world-wide depend on for their tackle needs. For the past 40 years, Lindgren-Pitman has been on the leading edge of innovation in the industry. The first product they developed was an electric fishing reel, they were the first to engineer a longline spool for monofilament fishing line, and today they manufacture the S-1200, the world’s most advanced 12-volt electric fishing reel.

Lindgren-Pitman is still a family-run business, and although they’ve grown exponentially since their inception, they are proud of the personalized service they still provide to each of their customers. When their in-house engineering resources are overloaded or inadequate, our team is their go-to resource for electronics, software printed circuit boards, FEA, CFD and mechanical design.

Our team has been working with Lindgren-Pitman since Davinci started in 2011. They come to us when they have a particularly intractable design problem, and our team supplements their internal resources.

We have helped Lindgren-Pitman design cleaning systems for fish farming cages, improved the performance of their fishing reels, and explored new product ideas like fish farming cages and even gold filtration systems. We recently helped make one of their fishing reels more powerful and optimized the electronics by providing circuit board development, custom motor controlling software, PCB fabrication, software, touchpads, and prototypes. We are currently partnering on a confidential project that is under development as well as offering invention consulting services for a new idea.

We strive to provide Lindgren-Pitman with personalized service – similar to what they are proud to offer their customers every day.

Services Provided

  • Invention consultation and ideation
  • Circuit board development
  • Software
  • FEA
  • Product improvement
  • Custom motor controlling software
  • Touchpads
  • CFD
  • Product creation
  • PCB fabrication
  • Prototype development

Lindgren-Pitman has been in the salt water commercial fishing industry for over 40 years. Our products are recognized as the finest in the industry. When our in-house engineering resources are overloaded or inadequate Davinci is our go-to resource for electronics, software printed circuit boards and mechanical design including FEA and CFD. They have never let us down. We consider them an extension of our own internal resources. Highly recommended.

Peter Lindgren, President & CEO, Lindgren-Pitman, Inc.