GelTape is a new type of painter’s tape that is 50X better than the leading competitors at stopping paint bleed on textured surfaces. Conceptualized and invented by one of our co-founders, Dave Gruenwald, GelTape partnered with Davinci early on to help develop their new product and manufacturing process from the ground up.

Armed with an idea that utilizing gel on the edges of paper would create a revolutionary tape for the painter’s tape market, our team began working on gel performance specification development to identify the ideal formulation for superior product performance. After testing more than 500 different combinations, we landed on an optimal formulation of 2-part polyurethane gel on a primed crepe paper.

From there, our team of engineers designed and developed a complete custom gel delivery system, as well as a proprietary production oven. First, we built a trial production line offsite and when the model was proven, we scaled and designed a high-volume coating and production line capable of manufacturing over 4 million rolls of tape per year. Additionally, we created a unique, high-tech mixing and delivery system and identified an optimized process for slitting large webs of paper to create individual product rolls. We also established quality control processes and production efficiency standards.

Our team helped identify the best approach for patenting GelTape’s intellectual property and determined the components of the manufacturing process that would also lend itself well to patent protection.

Services Provided

  • New product development
  • Gel performance specification
  • High-volume coating line design and creation
  • Quality control
  • Patent research
  • Project management
  • Concept innovation
  • Custom gel delivery system design and creation
  • Slitting machine customization
  • Product research
  • Patent drawings
  • Invention ideation assistance
  • Proprietary production oven design
  • High-tech mixing and delivery system
  • Consumer research
  • Warehousing and inventory management